Examples of Beneficiary Schools in Branford

Various schools in Branford benefit from charity programs for education and educational scholarships. Students from disadvantaged and low-income families benefit immensely from various charity for education programs. Some of these schools include:

  • Branford High School – this is a public high school that can benefit from scholarships and mentorship programs.
  • Mary R. Tisko School – this elementary school can also benefit from counseling and mentorship programs, including scholarships.
  • John B Sliney School – elementary school stands to benefit from scholarships, free services and mentorship programs.
  • Mary T. Murphy School – students at this public elementary school can receive scholarships to further their education.
  • CELC Middle School – low-income students access financial aid and free counseling services.
  • New Canaan Country School – students from low-income families receive scholarships and mentorship.
  • East Shoreline Catholic Academy – this private school offers PK to K-8 education. Less privileged students have access to financial aid and mentorship programs.
  • Francis Walsh Intermediate School – disadvantaged students have access to various educational charity programs such as mentorship and financial aid.
  • Shoreline School of Montessori – students have access to free educational programs such as counseling services and scholarships.
  • Indian Neck School – this is a preschool with access to counseling services and free advice to guide parents and teachers.

Educational charities are inspiring and teach lots of things on how learning can bring about significant real change in life. It touches on adults and children, communities and individuals alike.

Charities for education provide opportunities and ways to deliver brighter future prospects for the current young generation.

Educational charities ensure that students that struggle to pay their school fees overcome the challenge. They get equal education opportunity to better or improve life.

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