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A Little About Shane C Roe

Born and raised in Branford, Shane C Roe has always believed that proper education is not only the responsibility of the learner alone but also the entire community. Shane is a trained child development specialist, and her dedication towards supporting children get a better future is unwavering.

Through her work, Shane has supported thousands of young minds mold better futures in different ways. For starters, Shane has strived to ensure that students get access to books and other studying materials at home while helping them develop the skills they require to succeed in school and life.

Shane’s vision to help young minds develop better learning habits and access the necessary resources has helped Branfordhigh-org grow from bounds to bounds. As such, her aim to give learners access to the necessary resources continues supporting our mission and vision today, helping rally the community to support students from different social-economic backgrounds.


Branford High’s main purpose is to ensure the nature of activities conducted or promoted within our community are as follows:

  • To gather resources and funds for education in Branford – To help needy students get the necessary resources for learning, we strive to connect and gather funds from public and private institutions, individuals, and community service organizations.
  • To distribute funds for supporting public school programs and departments to offer students extended learning opportunities without a lot of struggles.
  • To promote students’ and learners’ development through activities and enriching programs that recognize their accomplishments, including after school activities.
  • To boost community awareness on school programs and create a platform for organizations and individuals to share their resources with public schools and private institutions.


To create lasting communities of educated individuals by helping students get useful resources and financial help to
achieve high-quality education in Branford through scholarships, educational aids, and more.

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