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Nearly 60% of the US jobs require at least a college education, if not an advanced degree. However, reports indicate that the cost of education is increasing almost eight times faster than salaries. As a result, student loans account for a bigger percentage of non-housing debts than auto and credit card loans. 

At, we strive to support today’s students rise above difficult decisions about their futures, including whether they can afford college. We also bring together several highly-rated organizations and individuals committed to helping students get a degree in Branford and start building a future for themselves and their families.

While it’s easy for people to view someone’s education as their personal burden, we believe that access to good education is an issue we should all support. For this reason, we strive to help students find tuition assistance or scholarships through different organizations in Branford.

Our work is shaped through the vision of Shane C Roe, a child development specialist dedicated to ensuring that every student in Branford gets a quality education. As such, Shane focuses more on education in general to support learners having a hard time gathering the necessary resources and support to finish high-school or accomplish other educational goals.

Our Values


Exude brightness

At Branford High, we breathe energy, enthusiasm, and optimism as we’re tenacious champions for learners journeying towards brighter futures through education.

Obsess over Impact

We incorporate data-driven decision making, allowing us to make a meaningful and measurable impact in terms of positive educational outcomes for learners and the community at large.

Pursue innovation

We use the latest in digital communication and other technologies that help us meet the ever-changing needs of modern learners as they navigate the job market’s changing demands.

Build partnerships

Our partnerships with learning institutions, volunteers, charitable organizations, and other trusted brands fuel our work and help us work according to our mission. That how we’re able to gather resources to help thousands of students from different communities.

Ensure inclusivity

BranfordHigh.Org seeks to offer equal learning opportunities to people of all genders, ethnicities, and religions, centering our works on each individual’s needs. As such, we strive to ensure that nobody feels unable to access educational resources.

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The Power Of Education: Why Charity Matters

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